We will be putting our first painted models up soon!


We will be putting our first painted models up soon! They will going into a new section on the car page over the next few days. Each model will have a description and spec so you will know what you are buying. All of these models can be motorised and made into working slot cars or remain as static, scenic models. 

As we said previously, we will not be stopping making kits, so do not worry. Hopefully the demand for them will be there for a while yet. 

Moulds are currently being made for the EE transporter. We are going to need a lot more silicone rubber, a lot more... These big models use a hell of a lot of materials. Our main issue at the moment is there is a shortage of Urethane and as a result our resin is in short supply and is getting difficult to bring into the country (you know why). We are virtually out of resin but hopefully will be able to get some soon.  

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