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Hi all, as you may be aware global supply chains have been a bit up the spout lately. This has caused a lot problems and price increases across the board. Don't worry we are not putting up our prices up again. But I just thought I should share this message we received from one of our suppliers to show how the situation is at the moment.

 "Dear Customer,
We wanted to take this opportunity to thank our valued customers for your continued support towards Neills Materials and to explain the current position with spiralling costs over the past 6-12 months.
The market is experiencing raw material shortages like never seen before and this is having a major impact with formulated product supplies.
Over this period we have been overwhelmed with price increases and seen up to 33% in silicones and 40% in epoxies and polyurethanes.
Freight and transportation, packaging supply's have all sky rocketed.
Please be assured we are doing everything possible using every bit of industry knowledge to manage the situation by increasing our stock levels and and buying larger volumes to obtain best prices."

Hopefully things get better soon, as you can imagine we get through a large amount of polyurethane resin and silicone rubber so these increases hit us at our core.

In better news the Marcos is well on its way and the artwork is being processed. With any luck we should have it out very soon. 
Also we have started work on redoing many of our wheel inserts. We are moving them to 3D printing so are creating new digital prototypes. These will be going on the website soon, and as they are digital versions we may be able to offer them at custom bespoke sizes which could be interesting.  

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