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News is  a bit late or early this week, whichever way you look at it. Not much to report. Loads to rant about but I would probably end up annoying lots of people and lose customers. So Joe says I should keep my trap shut (Note from Joe: No I don't he just can't be bothered to write out a rant this week) and talk about slot cars. I know, a bit boring but there you go. The Ford Pop is only a couple of days from completion (2 days usually translates as a week or more in reality) as you can see, the chassis is finished and the only major part on the body to do is the grill and a few bits of detail. Oh and the interior and window plus the bumper and headlights and the driver. I think that is about it, so maybe over a weeks work. At least I have a lovely little wheel inserts already done, so I guess about two weeks. 

Now you might have noticed a new model, sorry master, blocked out in the background. Yes I have given in after watching Goodwood and will be making an A40. Not for a while yet as I have a couple of other cars to finish first but I think that will fill up the rest of the year.

We have made a lot of new cars this year and all done by hand. The Chevy trucks have proven themselves popular. Proving you do not have to make racing cars all the time, so the Chevy Cabover is on for the future along with the Bedford Van. 

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