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27-11-13 Finally we have a finished Mercedes W154 at last and I think it looks very good. The kit can be found on the SSGP section of the car products page. The kit will be £35 plus pnp. The model in the picture is fitted with Peter Seger Thomas wheels (not included). I will be getting a few sets of these in, which will go on the accessories page soon. The tyres are a bit of a problem, on the front I have used I have used the tyres from a scalex ferrari and the rears are from an old airfix maserati 250f. The rear tyres are not easy to find so any suggestions would be appreciated. I am already having to make a new rubber mould for the Merc as it has already proven very popular, despite not actually having released it yet. The number 26 car is the Manfred Von Brauchitsh car painted with a red grill, I will also be putting pictures up of the Dick Seaman car (No. 16 with a green grill) on the car page shortly. We now have some RM laser cut chassis in stock, check the accessories page to see which ones. They do sell very quickly and we only get a few a time. On the no longer in production page there are a few old kits that we still have a few of in stock and have been marked as such. If you are interested in any of these send an email and let me know. For the next few days I am remaking worn out rubber moulds, oh joy. But I am still getting a few hours in on the D type, of which we should have a pic and update by the next news. Also please remember dont leave it until to the last minute if you are ordering stuff for christmas, it does get very busy this time of year and it does take time to get stuff out to people. I will be taking my last orders that I will try and get out before christmas very soon.

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