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We will be deleting a couple of models next week

24-10-14 If it wasnt for the fact I get side tracked very easily I would have a 2D completely finished. However it is nearly ready to release, the vac formings fit, the decals are ready to apply and the wheel insert mould is nearly there. The Daytona version is also underway but that wont be finished or released for a little while yet. Over the next few days I will get my 2D completed and on the car page and I think it looks pretty good painted appliance white gloss. It also looks good going around the track. Had a good day at the Bishops Stortford swapmeet and only two people annoyed me. Someone suggested that my Ferrari 375+ was a copy of the protoslot model. No, I think not, I may mess around to modify the odd plastic model and when I do I do not hide the fact, but I would never rip off another resin manufacturers model. I did want to give him a slap for that remark. Another chap started bleeting on about 3D printing etc. and Ive ranted about that before anyway, enough said. We will be deleting a couple of models next week. The Hawthorn Mk. 1 Jag will finish as the decals have run out. We still have a few in stock so if you were thinking of buying one it would not be wise to wait. A lot of moulds are getting to the end of their lives so next week will be spent remaking moulds but for a couple of models that will be it. It wont be an interesting few days but it has to be done and it will mean I get the Bullfrog moulded. One thing that has surprised me is the popularity of the widened MGC, but I guess that should not be a surprise as it looks great. I would like to get another completely new model done before Christmas but unfortunately there are always other little jobs to do. We are working on a vinyl decals sheet for our Mini-24 but this will not be done for about three weeks.

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