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This week I am back on a bit of prototyping work

31-08-15 This week I am back on a bit of prototyping work. I am waiting on artwork and photoetching which is being held up as everyone is still on bloody holiday. So the Embiricos Bentley is at a halt so I am getting on with the LM Talbot, still lots to do but it is taking shape. It is nice to be making another 50s LM car. So the Bentley, Talbot and Corvette seem to be the three main projects at the moment. But as we all know this can change and probably will. Mind you when the decal sheets are done it will determine the cars for the rest of the year. The last four months of the year should see at least four new models come along with a couple more modified cars. We have been testing some of our 60s sports GT cars using the Slot It pod in our new chassis and they have been a match for any Slot It car, especially so for the Mclaren M6A which seems to work very well using our PU tyres. We should have some of these tyres for sale in the next few days. We have four sizes and they will fit nearly all 8mm Slot It and NSR wheels and the wider Pendle wire wheel. More details will be available on the accessories page. If you have a tyre truer it should prove very effective. I have made myself a special Allard for 50ish LM racing. As you might have noticed it is driven by skullhead and it looks great if you like something a bit odd. So that is it for this week, not a lot of news in fact not of anything this week. But lots in the pipeline. The rally track is coming on slowly, newspaper and PVA is still a great way to make a landscape, I am learning as I go. I think I will make a small two lane track for home next. My lady Lynda will love that (not).

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