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This week has been a lot more interesting

07-11-14 This week has been a lot more interesting. The bullfrog is finished and will be on the car page in the next few days. The original Frogeye was based on the Airfix model, modified and improved, but it was never going to be a big seller, but this version is a little different, and I think is a lot better as a proper slot car. Apart from the fact that I have just noticed it looks like the Stig is driving it, so I will have to change that. Anything to do with Top Gear and if you havnt stopped watching (I stopped four years ago), then please stop now. Three nobs sliding cars around an airfield got old very fast. Then talking about a subject they seem to have no knowledge of. Oh God its bad. I would like to write a lot more very insulting things about Top Gear but I know my son will censor it, oh well. I have finished the Nurburgring Chap 2D so I will get that moulded this week and I am making progress on the Heavy weight E-type. The main thing this week is I have started work on the Maserati 250F. Doing this makes perfect sense as I have no decals for it, while I do have decals for the Talbot, Bentley and ISO. It is just one of those cars that has to be done even though it probably wont sell that well. Doing an engine detail version should be interesting, I think I need to get this one out of my system. I have made two Maserati 250Fs in the past, one for Matchbox and one for myself so I have a reasonably good drawing (that I did) and lots of pics. The Monaco Fangio car will be the first, then at least one other. This will be a new casing due to a few subtle differences. I would like to get this done before Christmas but dont hold your breath. I have also started work on a generic 19" wire wheel, this will be much simpler than the PST wheels but hopefully it will look pretty good, if not quite up to Peters standards. This project will depend very much on cost and whether it is viable. The resin prototype parts I have made are taking shape nicely. Now back to Top Gear (Joe: Oh God), when someone puts a concrete floor and a stove in a Merc how is this entertainment? Why cant there be a hideous crash and they all... Ok Joe I know I cant say that. But why is it so many Jeremys are evil (excluding any customers I have named Jeremy of course). Clarkson, Kyle, Vine, Paxman and so on. Many of my overseas customers wont have a clue what I am ranting about, but believe me Top Gear and these Jeremys are very bad.

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