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The Mini 24 project is taking shape

04-04-14 Well it seems I have done it again. Got a good way into the Chap 2D but then though I would have a look at the Embiricos Bentley. The next thing I know, the model fairies have taken over and it was blocked out and they made me start filing and scraping. Now I have the basis of what will be a lovely slot car. And to think a couple of weeks ago I hadnt given this car a single thought and it is a Le Mans car as well. I know I said I wouldnt do any more big cars, as they use an awful lot of materials but I couldnt resist this one. I will probably sell about one but you never know. I think Ive got enough models on the go now for a little while. The Mini 24 project is taking shape and I have had a lot of interest. Ive got the resin chassis moulded for it and as you can see I have painted a couple up. I had some vinyl decals left over from the model boat days and they look pretty good. Obviously these are only try out ones but they are starting to mould out better. Hopefully soon we will also have the RN laser cut chassis to try out. We will try to sort out some simple rules for overall widths, motors etc. But nothing serious. If any clubs are interested in the Mini 24, let me know. I will be replacing some worn out moulds over the next few days. The Mk1 Jag now has a vac form moulded window and I am currently improving the Fraser Imp and the C2 Ferrari.

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