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The last Merc W125 is now on the car page

19-09-14 The last Merc W125 is now on the car page, this is the 1937 Italian GP winning car of Carracciola and is a slightly different casting once again. These 1930s GP cars have proved very popular. So there is a chance I will be doing a couple more in the near future. But the main thing is I really enjoyed making them. I know I said I will do a Bugatti type 55, also a P3 Alfa is on the cards and I would like to do a 30s Le Mans car. The Chapparal 2D is coming along so hopefully I will be making some real progress in the next few days and then hopefully I will get some pictures up. As is normal I have started messing around with bits and bobs. I have made what I am calling a heavyweight E-type Jag. I have called it that as it started out life as a Revell Lightweight E-type, and then I put 3mm in the middle to make it wider, why? because I like doing it, and it has the added benefit of annoying the "everything must be to scale" lot. "Oh, you cant race that its been widened." Well it is my track so nerr. Anyway some of Nincos cars are still wider than mine. The new Wanglia is up and running and is going very well. I am using Slotit 15x8 wheels with 1088 C1 tyres and they work well. This wheel and tyre set up seems to work on my other small saloons. Ive put a picture up of the Wanglia (No Dad Im not going to write Ive put a picture up of my Wang...) and the Notchback Mustang. The mustang is my favourite car at the moment, it has a Richard Mack chassis with a hawk motor and it goes like stink. And on our track Slotit N22 tyres work very well. We put a note up last week on our facebook page asking what customers favourite kit was. There was a good cross section but the Maserati 300S was mentioned the most, which I found very pleasing as it was my first slot car model when I got back into slot cars. It was also the first scratch built slot car I made when I was 13, that one was made of Balsa wood and it worked pretty well on my scalextric track. That model was made using the plan from a model car magazine, those plans were OK for a 13 year old boy to make a model from but not much good for a model nowadays, most are bloody awful. Not all of them are terrible, there are a few that are pretty good and I have used as a starting point for a model. Alot of research still needs to be done and even then you still make mistakes. I know Ive said this before but just because something is written in a book or on a website or even worse on a forum, it does not mean it is correct. It is usually one persons view based on the information they have at the time. Note: If you are waiting for an order with a W125 in it please bare with me, they are very popular so have a little bit of a back log with them at the moment.

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