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The last few days have been spent remaking moulds

07-02-15 As mentioned last week the last few days have been spent remaking moulds and I am glad to say most of it is done for now. The Jaguar Mk. 7 is done as is the MGK3 and the Jag Mk. 1 is being remoulded as I write this along with the heavy weight E-type. So lots of new castings next week. My new decal sheet will hopefully arrive in the next couple of weeks, after which all the Maserati 250Fs and 801 Ferraris can be finished. On this sheet I have also put a set of tyre decals which will be sold seperately along with a sheet of headlight tape decals. Next week I need to get down to some serious prototyping and the Iso Bizzarina is now the number one project. Researching is important so lots of info is being collected and two versions will be produced (both Le Mans cars). Both of which are red so that will be more Mazda red from Halfords. After that is done I will get on with the Talbot Lago LM car, thank god that one is blue. I must admit I fancy doing an Aston Martin this year. Seems strange that I have not made one yet. I have not made up my mind yet which one but it will be a 50s LM car. Daresay I will get a few suggestions. I do realise that some of my models have been done in the past by other firms, like MMK for example, but these are mostly ready to run models. And for the most part they would never be used on a track seriously. Where as my kits I think allow you to build a car to either race or collect, every model has its place. As you might have noticed at the moment it is very cold, so using our club track has to be done in big coats and wooly hats. But we are dedicated to the cause. It is surprising the difference in lap times with a cold track and cold tyres. So I put my cars on a radiator to warm up. Its good for the tyres but it is still bloody cold around the track. Must be nice to be a warm little tyre. The Daytona 2D is done and on the car page. I think the Sebring car will have to wait a while.

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