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The Corvette is done and now in production

23-11-15 Another model is finished, the Corvette is done and now in production. I am very pleased with the result and hopefully we will have some replacement decals for the naff ones next week. We have had some big problems with decals and for the second time this year they have had to be reprinted. The problem is the white, and as we use a lot of white for roundels etc.this is not good. The problem is down to the ink manufacturers who have taken a rubber solution out of the ink due to the expense. This has made the decals very brittle, a lot of decal printers have suffered the same problem so if you had a problem with our decals email me and hopefully we can get the problem sorted but it has still caused big problems. The modified Maserati 300S is also in production, with the D-type to follow. I took these models to Orpington last Sunday to gauge opinions and all were very positive. First of all no one noticed they were modified and when it was pointed out there were no adverse comments. This did surprise me a little, but then they do look good. Getting back to the Corvette and decals, the blue stripes can be a little tricky to apply as they have to go over the Louvres at the front and a curve at the rear. I found it helpful to cut them a little bit and paint in with a bit of blue. Hopefully when the new decals turn up we will put some extras in as spare. You may have noticed I have painted the new Maserati 300S is Musy colours. This did involve mask spraying the bonnet which can be tricky. So there will be a choice of decals for the Le Mans cars as these were all red. The 1964 LM Bizzarini has been remoulded so we can keep it in production for a while longer. The Ferrari 375+ will be remoulded this week so should be good to go next week. We have a few back orders for this one so if you are interested order soon. This model will now use the new design chassis. I might even get the Ferrari 246 redone this week as well. We now have four weeks until Christmas, that means three working weeks and the last few days giving the workshop its annual clean. I suppose someone is going to have to clean the toilet. The trouble is my birthday is mid December so the drinking starts early and the enthusiasm for work diminishes. So after mid December until the New Year not a lot happens... Work wise at least. Note: I will be making some Halibrand wheel inserts for the Corvette in the near future.

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