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The auto union is taking shape

17-01-14 The auto union is taking shape as you can see. The chassis is finished and it will take a standard Mabuchi motor, not a lot of room for the gears as the back is quite narrow, but it will all fit, just. By next week the prototype should be finished. I have made a couple of tyre moulds for a suitable rear tyre for the mercedes W154. These poly-urethane tyres are not perfect, some small imperfections on the rear side of the tyres but they are a lot better than a lot of hand moulded tyres I have seen and they look very good on the Merc. I wont be making many of these as to be honest its a boring job making them. They are on the accessory page at £4 a pair, I am still working on developing the fronts at the moment. The shelby King Cobra is back in the range. Now I know I said it didnt sell very well, but I think it is a great looking car. It is very, very low and sleek, it has been reworked and has a new resin chassis but will also take the Cobra RM laser cut chassis. For Can Am fans it is a must. Take a look on the sports car section, it is a superb looking car. A website I suggest you take a look at is immense miniatures ( they make some lovely 1/32 scale figures for slot cars. They do heads and full figures and they are not expensive. I intend to buy some myself, the 1950s heads look great.

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