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The Auto Union is more or less finished

07-02-14 The Auto Union is more or less finished. The first moulds seem to work OK, just have to get the grill moulded. I am pleased with how the driver has come out (Bernd Rosemeyer) as he is changing gear. The chassis just about fits but is a little thin at the back. The decals will hopefully be here on the 14th of february. Will get some more cast and do another couple of versions. The Alfa 12C 16 is under way and I am blocking out a type 59 Bugatti. My aim is to get a new model out every 5 weeks or so, that is the plan anyway. I have put a pic up of some of the immense miniature heads and figures. There email address is , I have put this up as their contact us page is a little confusing to us oldies. I am always interested to see what new models are on show at Nuremberg, pendle slot have got over 300 photos their facebook page. Not much in there to excite me, still no MkII Capri, but yes another bloody MkI and a lot of 60/70s GP cars cant be bad. And as usual more than one company doing the same model. There are so many cars still to model, I certainly wont run out of ideas. But then I can choose the more obscure subjects and I can made a model of a car that has already been done, and hopefully make it better. I dont think anyone has made a decent maserati 250F yet so that is a possibility, the scalex one is just odd. Back to the present though, the Alfa 12C 36/37 is going to take up the next three weeks at least. Should have the basic shape on the news next week.

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