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The Allard J2 is finished at last

14-06-15 The Allard J2 is finished at last and I am very pleased with it, I think it looks very pretty. There will be two versions, the 1950 Le Mans car, which is the green number 4 car, and a generic version with co-driver and more decals for those of you, like me, who like to make up their own versions. I have made the front mudguards a lot stronger than scale would dictate, after all it is a slot car and you do not want to be sticking it back together every five minutes. I do not think it has detracted, in any way, from the overall look of the model. I wasnt too sure what to do about the spare wheel, in the end I have included a resin one with a strap moulded on which looks very nice. Of course you can put a proper spare wheel on if you wish, good luck with the straps. I am looking forward to seeing these cars on the track. So the last week has been spent making moulds, including redoing the Bizarrini mould. This car has really surprised me, it is not that well known yet it has sold very well. In fact I have decals for another 20 ish and thats it. So next week I will be getting on with my new project which I am quite excited about. You never know there might be a pic up with next weeks news. Also this week we have at last put the Bizzarrini and Porsche wheel inserts on the accessory page, sorry about the delay. Most inserts we make now are made to fit Slot It 16.5x8 or 15x8 wheels as it gets a bit complicated making inserts for different wheels. So what ideas have I thought of doing this week. Well I am thinking of modifying my Mercury Cougar. No one bought it as Scalex brought there one out at the same time that I did mine. In all honesty there one isnt that bad, lets face it they do get one or two right every now and again. So it is going on the bandsaw to be widened with bigger arches. It will look awesome by the time I am finished. Will it be lowered? You bet.

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