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Some proper(ish) slot car news this week

19-01-16 Some proper(ish) slot car news this week and what you can expect in the coming months. I think most of you know from previous news what I intend to produce. In the last news one or two people noticed that I am making a Lotus 30/40 this prototype has been lying around for about two years and for some reason I just fancied finishing it. Now I know the Lotus 30/40 has been done by a couple of firms already, but as all the really nice, popular cars have been done this will never stop me from making my interpretation of these cars. So no point in making mine a scale width super duper shelf queen. So mine will be a little wider to fit in with my other 60s sport prototype models. It will also be using the slot it sidewinder pod, like the other 60s/ cam am cars. Hopefully this will mean it will not only look great but will work well on the track. We will probably bring out two or three versions throughout the year. The Gordini T16 should be finished next week so that will be our first completely new car for 2016. Two versions will be made, the first will be Biras car from the 1952 British GP. Not sure on the second one quite yet. The new D-type Jaguar is now available. This casting has been modified to fit in with our other more competitive 50s sports cars. It is no wider overall but we have tweeked it so it is not so narrow at the rear. It shares a common chassis with our handling Maserati 300s, which has proved very popular. The good thing is that people do not always notice that these cars are modified, goes to prove if you do something right people wont be sure you have done anything at all. All these new versions of our 50s sports cars come with the new inline "floating" motor mount chassis. Next week we should have the LM Ferrari 375+ back in production along with a reworked Lancia D24. And back by popular demand is the Ferrari 246 F1 will return to the range. This is a very important GP car as it was the last front engined car to win a GP, the end of an era. So what will I be making next week? Well I will most likely be doing the little Cooper Bristol and hopefully a bit more work on the Lotus 30. This Lotus is not a priority as we do not have any decals for it and we will not be able to make a new decal sheet until later in the year due to the expense. Pattos place do make a variety of decals for the Lotus 30 so that might be an option. On the subject of our pre 1960 sports cars we now have the Maserati 300S, Jaguar D-type, Lancia D24, Ferrari 375+, Talbout T26 and of course the Allard. All of these models should have similar performance and it would be good to see a variety of cars on a grid.

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