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21-02-14 The Auto Union C-Type is finished. The 1936 Donington GP winner and the 1936 Eifelriennen Nurburgring winner, both won by Rosemeyer are on the car page. Two more versions will follow. These first two are different castings and driver figures. They use standard Mabuchi motors and a slot it gear just fits. Peter Seager Thomas is in the process of making sets of Auto Union wheel kits so so they will go on the accessory page when available. We will have only about 20 sets so get in quick if you want to have the best. The Mclaren M1A will be back in production next week with quite a few modifications (much easier casting this time) and the D-type Jag will also be in production in the next few days. The Alfa 12C is progressing and the is on Schedule to be finished by the end of the month give or take a day or so. Also got to finish up the Lotus Cortina. Almost forgot the Roy Salvadori Coomes Mk1. Jag is also finished and will be put on the saloon car page soon. So lots of new cars on the way through at the moment. As you can see the Bugatti has a little work still to do on it, but it is underway.

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