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As you can see the Jag Mk1 is taking shape its on its wheels. The resin chassis is made and I now have all the fiddly bit to do. I am also casting as well but not a lot today as Ive got a stonking hangover, but tomorrow will get some Mk7s finished. But still very behind so thank you for your patience if you are waiting on a kit.

As you probably know I love making prototypes but hate making lots of resin kits. But I would only moan if no one bought the stuff. So its good when a kit is popular but bad when I have to make them up. I guess it is a bit of a balancing act. Between enjoying myself and not starving. My son Joe is now helping out (and typing this rubbish; he told me to write that) with emails and the post and hopefully get him casting which will free me up a bit to make new stuff.

Now I bet one or two of you are wondering what I am doing to that Galaxy, well I had an email about making a Jacks Ear Galaxy and I had been thinking along the same lines. So I got my Revell one out of the cupboard stripped it, put it on a Richard Mack chassis (yes they are on their way) and thought that looks good. So got a bit of work to do on it, chrome work to put on the back etc. But it could happen as long as Revell dont mind me making a couple of dozen and if there is any interest in it. Going back to the Jag Mk1, it probably wont be moulded for about a month or so due to me going off on tangents and casting etc. But by the next lot of photos it should be finished.

The Ford Falcon is now out of production for a while as the mould is knackered. The rally version didnt sell that well (only 9) so we will see what happens in the future (if anyone has a Falcon on order we will need to remake a mould so please be patient, it will get to you... eventually). I quite liked the rally car oh well no accounting for taste.

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