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18-10-13 We have another new car for you this week. 60s saloon car fans will like this, the 1965 Notchback Mustang. In the mid 60s the Notchback was raced in the BSCC, very successfully by Alan Mann racing and in the hands of Roy Pierpoint won the championship. My model is another in my series of modified Revell cars. It started life as a fastback but had a great deal of modification as you can see. It has been lowered (obviously) and has a resin chassis which is the same as used on the Falcon so it will take a RM lasercut chassis (Being made soon). The kit contains bumpers so along with the decal sheet various liveries can be made. In the photo I have made up three liveries all Alan Mann cars. The all red car is Roy Pierpoints winning car at the BSCC Brandshatch 1965. The white car is RP again, 1965 Crytal Palace BSCC. The red and gold car is Alan Mann but I have not worked out if it won in this colour. Any help in that regard would be appreciated.

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