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Nearly Christmas

05-12-13 As it is getting near christmas I thought I would put two pics up this week. One of my work bench, just to prove I am doing something and the other of a Peter Seager Thomas (from now on PST) wheel in built form. We now have a few sets in stock and they will be going in the products section in the next few days. These have been produced for the Merc W154, full details will be on the accessories page. These wheels are superb and I will be adding resin brake drums to these wheels where applicable. The tyres are still a bit of a problem, Scalex Ferrari 375 rears are ok for the front. Trying to get something sorted for the rears at the moment. In the workbench photo you may have spied a couple of new projects the Merc W125 is underway, need a bit of work but should be ready some time in the new year. Nah, only joking more like May more likely. But it is underway. I really enjoyed making the Merc W154 so if this one goes as well I will be happy. I guess an Auto Union will also have to follow. I think the 1937 Donnington GP winner looks good. While on the subject of Mercs, a third 154 is on the car section. It is the No 46 Herman Lang car. Also in the photo is the new version of the Jag Mk 1, this is the John Coombs car driven by Roy Salvadori, with the famous number plate BUY1. And yes there was a very similar Mk 2 with the BUY1 plate. This model is ready to mould and will be out in the new year (honest). The D type is getting there, might have it finished soon and will be out in the near year. I am going to be deleting the Mercury cougar from the range soon, no point doing it now as the Scalex one is out. But I bet it doesnt go as well as my one with an RM chassis. There are three left and then that will be it. Please dont leave it to the last minute to order if you wish to buy kits for christmas, not long to go. I might actually get round to cleaning the workshop over christmas (it does get pretty bad), well you have to do it at least once a year. And when people say oh I bet you know where everything is, nope can never find a blooming thing.

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