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I have spent another week modifying and improving various existing cars in the range. Making new chassis and lightening bodies. The new cheetah is finished, it is a modified version of the one found in the spec section. It now has a new flat resin chassis and vac form interior. It is a lot lighter and is found in the SPGT section. I think this is the best looking cheetah model out there, but then I would say that. It will also be upgradable to a RM chassis to make it a very fast slot car.

The spec 6001 Austin A35 racer now has a new flat chassis and will be moved to the saloon section soon.

The MGB racer now uses the MGBGT resin chassis and will be moved to the SPGT section soon.

But enough of the modifications, next week I will be getting on with new models. The merc GP car and the D type are well underway and with my artwork guys back from holiday some new stuff can get sorted.

I will hopefully be getting back to some scale stuff, so I will keep most enthusiasts happy.

Those eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that sitting behind the Cheetah is a notch back Mustang. Could not help cutting and shutting a 66 revel mussy. Thought it would be nice and easy, nope, bit trickier than I thought. So if you like 60s British saloon car racing this might be for you. The 66 notch back was raced very successfully in the mid 60s by Alan Mann and Roy Pierpoint to name two. So with the Falcon and the Galaxie I think I have got this bit of racing history covered. If only some one did a decent Alan Mann escort, we can only dream.

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