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Getting lots of stuff moulded

15-05-14 We are getting lots of stuff moulded and as you can see it is making Joe go slightly mad (If you are waiting on a model, chances are that it is currently in the big pile pictured). Hopefully after Gaydon this weekend we can get back to normal. For our overseas custoners Gaydon is our biggest slot car festival and we are there for two days, so it requires a bit of preparation. I have finished another prototype which will be in the news next week, and it is not the 2D or a Merc, like I said I do go off on tangents. Also the Mini 24 Richard Mack anglewinder chassis are in (we have 10) so we will have some new and interesting stuff for the weekend . On a different note I have bought (last year) a 6 lane wooden track. It is the old pinewood track. Its about a 150 foot lap and we will start to get it set up over the next few weeks. We will post pics to show the progress and in time set up a form of club. Right back to work, might even have a day off soon... Maybe.

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