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Finalising the next decal sheet

11-08-15 This week I have been finalising the next decal sheet (exciting stuff eh). This will have some reprints of existing cars, so I will be able to put a few models back into production. More importantly we will have decals for the new models I intend to bring out this year. This is always quite a big investment so decisions on what models have to be made and believe it or not, stuck to. So after the Bentley and the Lago LM car, as I already have decals for these, the next models will be, no great surprise, the 1960 LM Corvette, the 1952 Cooper Bristol, 1956 BRM, 1949 LM Frazer Nash, 1952 GP Gordini, a handling Chap 2 Sebring winning car based on the Revell shell and the XK120 coupé. This should keep me busy for a while. Now hopefully these subjects will please quite a few people. I try to keep a good mixture. The Chap 2 was interesting. We widened it (no shit) then we looked at it and believe it or not it was too wide. So it was split back in two and and a bit was taken out. It is still slightly widened but now it looks correct. It will still fit in with our other 60s GT sports series using the Slot It sidewinder pod. With all of these it will mean we have two French cars, two American cars and of course some British cars coming out. But for a change no Italian or German cars. It will be nice to have a couple of blue, french cars in the range. The rally track is coming on and thank you to everyone who has given me tips on copper tape. The scenery bit is not my area of expertise so I am learning as I go along. I havent forgot my pre first world war car project. Just havnt had the time but it is still on, just not for a while. As mentioned in past news, I will make a one off chassis design for these cars and pop different driver, mechanic figures. Actually the figures will be a very important feature on these cars. The wheels and tyres will be a big problem to solve as well.

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