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At last the Wilment Racing Ford Galaxie is ready

10-10-13 At last the Wilment Racing Ford Galaxie is ready, as raced very succesfully by Jack Sears. This is the car that won the 1963 British Saloon Car championship. The model shown is the one that Jack Sears won the first time out at Silverstone in 1963. The decal sheet for this model does allow for other race models to be made. My model started life as the Revell Nascar Galaxie, a nice model but not great as a slot car. So I reworked it quite a bit making it a lot lighter, gave it vac formed interior and windows and a completely new low, flat chassis. It will also take a Richard Mack laser cut chassis. The first batch of these have sold out so I am waiting for the next batch. I hope Mr Revell like what I have done to his model and doesnt complain. I will probably make only make about 60 anyway and as Revell have stopped making slot cars it would be a shame to lose cars as the shapes are pretty good. I have put three more wheel inserts on the accessory page. These will fit Racer R02 wheels. There is a lot more to follow.

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