We're boned!


I think we may have released one or two too many new models at one time. And doing this just before Christmas, on top of our Bonanza, and the cull may have been a bad idea. Good for you lot as you get new models, but bad for us as we are now very behind with orders purely because of how many have come in recently. Unfortunately we can only make so many kits at a time and we are moulding 7 days a week to catch up (Joe weekdays and me at weekends). Now I am not complaining it is always good to have lots of work but getting it all done for Christmas is going to be tricky. So if you are going to order any models for Christmas pressies, do it now! If you leave it until the middle of December it will be too late (it might be too late from the end of November to be honest). We woll try our best to get things done for Christmas but we will not be able to offer any promises.

Now the good news is I am still working on prototypes but we will not be releasing anything new until next year and by then I hope to have three brand new prototypes. One you already know about and the others I hope you will be pleasantly surprised by.

To reiterate, last orders for Christmas is basically now ;)

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