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We have been cracking on with new models


We have been cracking on with new models and the C4RK is almost done (just needs the new artwork), this one has pre production artwork but still looks pretty fine. It will be about a month for the decals to be done but you can pre order one to make me happy. The Periscopio Alfa and Targa T33 are in the same state. All of them are looking very lovely. I have also moulded the 1968 Le Mans T33 Alfa so this one is also joining the decal queue. Oh and I almost forgot the Mas 300S with engine detail is also in the queue. All of which you can pre order and we will let you know when they are ready to go. (Email:

The Gaydon slot festival is only a month or so away so we should have all these new models on show hopefully. I do realise if you live the other side of the world this is not much help but if you are able to go I recommend a visit, the car museum is pretty good too. So now I will get on with the Chevy Coe which will be done and hopefully on show also at Gaydon. After that will need to think of a new project. Oh and almost forgot the Ferrari 500 F2 is waiting on decals as well.

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