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The Volvo PV544 is finished and available!


The Volvo PV544 is finished and available. Our first version of the Volvo PV544 is finished and on the car page. This one is the 1962 Monte Carlo rally car and I am very pleased with the result. It is one of those cars that in real life looks a little odd but makes a really great model. As with all our new models the Volvo comes with its own bespoke 3D printed chassis. I am also very pleased with the mudflaps with the Volvo logo on them, it just adds that little extra details to the model. 

Soon to come will be the 1964 RAC rally car. Which is a nice cream colour, should be ready in a few days time. 

Now as you may know I never keep to a theme so just about to go in the mould is a 1934 Singer 9 that raced at Le Mans. It will be (maybe) the No. 47 and 48 car. Have not got the decals yet so it may change. Then onto the 1924 Le Mans winning Bentley. Tricky one this, but as ever I have my trusty knife and pointed stick for hacking away at it.

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