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The Mclaren M8A is back


The Mclaren M8A is back in the range, reworked and improved with a new 3D designed resin chassis. I really like this model and Tamiya brilliant orange is spot on. If you missed it the first time do not delay, we only have limited decals (but just enough to make it worthwhile to remould).

The reworked lightweight E-type will go in the moulds next week, this body shell is significantly reworked from the original and looks a lot meaner. More re released are due later in the year. The likely ones are the Mk.1 Coombes Jag, the King Cobra, and Le Mans Chaparral 2D.

For new models the Lotus 19 is nearly done and has an anglewinder set up so will come with a full interior like the Lotus 23. We have another Edwardian racer nearly done, slightly unusual car I found a picture of and rather liked. Might have to invent a story for that one.  


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