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The Lotus 23s are nearly there.


Our little Lotus 23 and 23C  are all moulded so I thought I would paint a few up. These are not proper liveries. I have used a bit of artistic license but I think they look pretty good. Now I have to sort out a proper decal sheet, this will take about a month. But if people are interested in ones with some made up decals let me know. 

If you are wondering why we have not sorted out the decals already, it is because we have to have an actual car body shell to work from. I have made the mistake of getting decals done from specifications alone and it never works well. As you can see it is a bit of a tight fit to get the motor in this one. In fact the motor shafts have to be shortened and a tiny bit shaved off of the motor end bell but it will fit. We have had to tweek bit to get it all in but it was important to have the full interior, and an inline set up would have looked horrid. I have started on a Lotus 19 so things are a bit Lotusy at the moment. I had not intended to do these butas you know I do go off on tangents. The Maserati will be next (eventually)

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