The EE Transporter is just about done


The Ecurie Ecosse racing car transporter is just about finished and only 15 months late. The only thing to do now will getting the gearbox made and some mods on the front wheel insert but this shouldn't hold things up as we have a lot of silicone rubber moulds to make for this. I think I am going to have to get quite a lot of rubber for this one as these big models use a hell of a lot. I am hoping we can put it into production in about a month. I think it looks pretty damn good and I am looking forward to getting one moulded, painted, and decaled up. 

Last week we asked what our customers thought about us doing RTR and painted models. We received a good mix of opinions. We will not be stopping selling kits at all, but due to Brexit and the customs duties of stuff going to the EU we have lost about 30% of our work. Also resin has resin in price by about 18% this year alone so far, not helped by resource shortages. So we have to diversify what we do, we will be doing fully painted and decorated models with the option to be unmotorised or RTR. By next week we should have a new section on the website with all the information on each model. These will be one offs and will have a signature nameplate on the chassis.  

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