The Cull...


It is that time of year again. Where we go through our naughty and nice list and see what has been selling and what has not.
And the result is nigh ;)

This year the following cars are on our cull list, so once their moulds are gone that will be it for them. 

They are as follows: 
  • SAL-141 Ford Pop
  • TRU-302 Bedford Van (Kodak)
  • TRU-402 COE Pickup
  • TRU-403 COE Artic
  • TRU-404 COE Low loader with tyre rack
  • TRU-603 Transit Low loader
  • TRU-604 Transit Recovery truck
  • TRU-605 Transit Ambulance
  • GT-301 Mclaren M1A
  • MINI-24 24th Mini
In addition to this all of the tow trailers currently available will now only be made to order.

There are a few more cars which have just scraped away from the cull list. But they are not quite safe yet, we are still deciding.
These are:
  • GT-702 Cheetah
  • GT-111 Cobra
  • GT-314 Alfa Peri
  • SAL-402 Wanglia
  • SAL-122 Bentley
  • SAL-131 Efigy
  • SAL-152 A40 Hot rod
  • TRU-601 Ford Transit
  • GP-241 F500
And slightly the opposite of all the above, but a few of our previously culled models had a bit of a turn around. So the following cars will be returning to normal production:
  • GT-602 Morgan 4/4
  • GT-221 Allard Le Mans
  • GP-161 Merced W196
And remember everybody this weekend we are having our Bonfire Bonanza deals (free postage on all orders and 10% discounts on all orders over £100)
For more information on these offers and other traders taking part please visit the website.

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