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The Cull Sale Underway


Just in case you had not noticed, our yearly cull is up on the website. 37 models added to the list this time, which is quite a lot but unfortunately these are the models that have not been performing as well sales wise so we have to make room for new things. So if you would like to cheer me up and make our Christmas all happy why don't you treat yourself to a nice resin slot car kit. And do it before they go forever. As another little incentive we have a 5% discount on anything on the cull list and postage free if you order two or more models. 

Moving onwards, our first new model of 2024 will be the Maserati Tipo 65, in case you had not noticed I like Maseratis. Definitely an interesting and unique shape. The body, interior, driver, etc. will be resin accompanied by a 3D design and printed chassis. We will also be making this one an anglewinder, allowing us to put a full interior and comlete driver figure. We are also hoping this chassis design will be transferable to other models. Not decided what to do after this, any ideas? And do not be silly I am not making an Allegro... or maybe. 

Also we have just put a Bugatti Black Bess painted special up for anyone who may be interested.

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