The 1934 Singer Le Mans is finished


The 1934 Singer Le Mans is finished and will be going up on on the car page momentarily. I think this is a very pretty little car and makes a very nice and unusual slot car. I also think that every slot car collector should have at least two in their collection, wink, wink, nudge, nudge. We will be doing this one a little differently as it will be coming with resin wheels as standard which work very well with it. Also we will be offering this as a kit, painted model, and ready to run model from the off. You can see more info. on that once we have it posted up to the website.

Another prototype is nearly there, the Sunbeam Alpine. The first version is the 1961 Le Mans car, with another couple of versions to follow at later dates. The artwork is done so with any luck there will be no hold ups and it will be on the website in a couple of weeks. Next will be the 1964 Maserati Tipo 151, this model is already on its wheel so it is in the advanced stages. Still a lot of detail to put on though. Then if I don't go off on a tangent it will be the Lotus 19, or maybe that Jap engined Morgan 3 wheeler. 

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