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Thank you for all the kind words during my break


I would like to say thank you for all the kind words and encouragement while I took my little forced holiday. Hopefully we are back to near normal, whatever that is. So let's get up to date. First our 1/24 Hillman Frazer Imp and Racing Imp are nearly there, but the Silicone moulds will have to be remade after a bit of a cock up. This should be done next week. Apart from this I am very pleased with them, especially the new 3D printed, sidewinder, iso-fulcrum chassis. The 1/24 Broadspeed Anglia is coming along nicely as well and we should have some pictures next week. We are also reworking the 1/24 Mini, the original Mini we used was a rework of a beautifully accurate Tamiya bodyshell, and we are working from that. Just some modifications and the job is done, no point me trying to improve on perfection. 
These 3 cars will be able to run on a standard track as they are still quite small, it will be interesting to see what they can do. 

I have a couple more painted specials going on the car page. Another Embiricos Bentley, the last of this version as the mould was already knackered. And a RTR Darracq.

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