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Had a very enjoyavle weekend at the Gaydon Slot Car Fest, very hard work. Set up on the Friday afternoon and off to the hotel, lady Lynda was unable to attent this year due to a bad case of shingles. She is on the mend so that is good. Saturday was non stop, we sold out of the Coe transporter and Bedford vans before the show even opened and all of our new stuff seemed very popular. 

I was on my feet from 8-5, as some of you may know I do not sit down all day and boy do I talk. I must admit I do get fed up with the sound of my own voice so god knows what it is like for you lot. The good thing about Gaydon is you see a lot of old friends that you do not see all year. Guys over from France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Spain, Italy and so on. All because of a common interest in Slot Cars. 

After Gaydon it is a sort of a new year and I start on my new stuff for the rest of the year. I will finish the Aston DBR1 first as this model is fairly advanced in its development. So next week I will be pushing on with that. I have reworked the Ford Falcon, it will soon have a pod chassis and is a little lower. We will be bringing it back into the range with the Allen Mann Racing decals. I am also just starting a Mk.1 Ford Transit van and a Willys Jeep with a trailer. 

 For the past couple of days we have been sorting out and organising our wheel inserts... I am now bored shitless

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