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RIP to our Jaguar XJS


RIP to our Jaguar XJS, after being in our range for about 8 years our XJS is going to be going to the racetrack in the sky in the not too distant future. This model has been a mainstay in our range but with Scalextrics releasing their version it will not be feasible to renew the moulds or get new artwork printed. This Jag has always been a favourite of mine. A model I am very proud of and having owned a black V12 XJS it is a car I love. From pictures I have seen, the scalex one looks 'reasonable'  and that is me being diplomatic. If it is as accurate as most of their models (Capri, Escort Mk2, Mas 250F cough) it may be a little disappointing but at £45 for an RTR toy it can't be that bad. There is no excuse for getting the shape wrong, you only have to measure one and take photos (old school). I actually bought a Scalex Mas 250F as it is a car I like. Now I have made 250Fs in various scales for a couple of big manufacturers over the years. I went to photograph and measure a real one so I had a fair bit of info on it. This is something I do not think they do at Scalex, in fact it was so bad I made my own one. Didn't sell many but that is not the point. But here is the thing I do not understand with all their tech, how do they get the shapes wrong? But it does not seem to matter, people buy them anyway. They do not have to bother, as long as the artwork looks good they sell. But when other manufacturers can make lovely models (Slot It, NSR, SCX etc.) why cannot Scalex. SCX made a lovely little Mk2 Escort rally car that looks right. What went wrong with the scalex one? It is horrid. Don't get me started on the Capri. I owned a black 3 litre JPS Capri in the 70s, in fact I had two over the years (I live in Essex after all) so I know a fair bit about them. There are enough Capris still about to look at and measure and photograph, there is no excuse. Some of the very best shaped models were the Revell/Monogram Slot cars. These were really superb shapewise. I had lots of Mustang, Galaxies and E-types of those. Not the fastest Slot Cars but good models. Unfortunately not in production now, but some are still around. The Lotus Cortina is a gem as is the Mustang.

Don't get me started on Brexit at the moment and the effect it is going to have on our hobby. And I haven't been to a pub since March 12th 2020... 

The XJS will stay in the range until its current moulds wear out, at which point it will be goodbye forever :(

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