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Progress on our 3D printed wire wheels and inserts


We are in the process of finalising our 3D printed wire wheels and inserts. The first of our Edwardian wire wheels is already available (deep set spokes) and we will have a second with shallow set spokes available soon. The deeper set spokes are slightly more modern so hopefully we have covered a few eras of racing. These have a rim diameter of 20.2mm with two distinct rings of spokes and, thanks to our 3D printer, no solid backing so they you can see completely through the gaps in the spokes. Which means when used with our soon to be released break drum the appearance is very effective. 

Following this we also have a 19 inch wheel ready to go, this with a diameter of 16mm, and then a 16 inch wheel with a diameter of 14mm. These use the same technique as the Edwardian wheels so can be seen through as well. 

These new wire wheels look superb and we are really proud of them. They should not be confused with those horrid plastic wire wheels and are easily comparable to the photo etch version available on the market. They are all compatible with the slimmer Pendle tyres.

We have also made a wire wheel inserts compatible with the 16 inch and 19 inch wheels (12mm, and 13.5mm insert diameter).

I am hoping to have  all of the above up on the website next week.


3D printing is a brilliant tool for our wheels, chassis, and various components. But I have to say I love carving body shells by hand and have yet to be impressed by what I have seen in the 3D printed body market. Many of them are just scanned and replicated with little effort and the result is some very unimpressive shapes. It takes a good eye to make a model and that is no diffferent whether you are using a computer or doing it by hand. This will change in time I am sure as things improve but at the moment I will keep doing it the old fashioned, and for me, most reliable way.  

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