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Our Fiat Transporter is Proving Very Popular


Our Fiat Transporter is proving very popular. Which has unfortunately caused one or two problems. The first of which is we have run out of tyres for it. Colin at RS Slot is very busy moulding 100 more tyres (he says he is working hard anyway...), also these kits do take a bit of time to produce. So if you have one on order we apologise for the delay and thank you for your patience, they will be sent out to you as soon as possible. 

I must admit the popularity of this model has surprised me. Mind you it does look pretty damn nice. Now I did say in no way was I going to make any more transporters or big models... I lied. As you can see I am making another one, this one is a bit more British. Even though it is based on a real vehicle, the idea behind it is that you will be able to decal it to represent a variety of versions. Should be an interesting project but I will not be done with it for quite some time. The Firenza is underway at last, yes I am making a car honest.

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