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Our Chevy Trucks are Finished


Our Chevy trucks are finished and I hope you like them. Please let me know what you think. Two versions are ready as you can see, the tow truck and the tanker. The later has two liveries and if popular a third Texaco version will be released. The National tanker has been around our track and was surprisingly quick (for a tanker). We will be putting a new section up on the cars page for these, called trucks. Original I know. If they prove popular I will definitely start thinking about doing more. I will be taking them to Gaydon slot car festival so it will be interesting to gauge reaction. As you may have guessed they will be a little bit more expensive than the cars as they are quite big, using a lot of resin, and have some fairly big moulds. But like our cars will still be very good value.

The louvres on the last of our Auto Unions are almost done and we should have it on show for the first time at Gaydon, and hopefully on sale. We are all booked for Gaydon with two nights at the Holiday Inn for Lady Lynda and myself. I am looking forward to meeting up with friends from France, Germany and various countries. It is surprising how far some enthusiasts travel. It is a good show, if you can get there it is worth it.

I went to Orpington last Sunday, had a good day, and the good thing really is that we were finished and on the road home by 2. This may sound and early time to pack up but we are there at 8. It is hard work and I constantly have to talk bollucks for 6 hours. Only two people annoyed me though, not badly. One little moan and one I have mentioned before. I find it a little offensive and somewhat awkward when someone asks for a discount. No one would do it at Asda etc. So why me? I charge a fair price and it is like saying to me you think it is not worth what I charge. At shows I am pretty generous but at my discretion. And any larger orders are usually good values. Any postal order over £200 has 10% off anyway and most models at shows are a little cheaper from the standard price. End of moan.

So main job now is to finish the Auto Union, then after Gaydon what is next? As you very well know I never keep to a plan so your guess is as good as mine. Believe me I have no idea at the moment what I intend to make, but I gaurentee it will be a bloody good model.

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