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Now about this 1938 Auto Union


Now about this 1938 C-type Auto Union, one or two have commented, did I mean a 1938 D-type Auto Union. Well no, for the first half of 1938 the last C-types were ran alongside the all new D-types, with all new parts. I have a few photos from my silver arrows book and you might find a couple on google images. Short version, the one I am making is definitely a C and it did run in 1938. Now we have that cleared up with any luck I might get it finished next week. Have you seen all the louvres... f**k me it's covered in them. and some people reckon I lose it sometimes, I wonder why.

Last weeks rant did stir things up a bit which is good. Unfortunately the scale police still don't get it. Just because you have a book with some specs in, it doesn't mean a blood thing. Most recorded specs are dubious at best. Unless you have the real car sitting outside your track you cannot gaurentee what is accurate. But hey it is perfectly OK to run a Ninco XK120 as it is so accurate, my arse. Back in the 60s when I raced 1/24 cars with vac bodies the only rule for GT cars was max width (3 and 3/8ths in inches). That was it and it worked. Now I am not saying we dont need rules but lets have a bit of common sense. We all know some people mess about with motors or so I have heard. I mean who would put a 30k armiture in a 20k can. Not me... unless I was proving a point. Lets not put our heads in the sand, it's a common practice and bloody obvious when it's done. But does it matter a 30k is no more expensive than a 20k motor, if you can keep on the track good luck to you. Please don't try and kid people that you are using a standard motor. Please don't get me wrong, most of us play fair, but we all know one or two who don't. Keep it fun. 

Thought I would put a couple of pictures of my work bench for you to peruse. Now as you know I do go off on the odd tangent, so you won't be surprised to see the start of a Holden Efigy and what will be a 50s Chevy tow truck. What you've not heard of the Holden Efigy? Google it, it's chuffing awesome. I know it is a bit of a folly but it is a bit different. And a 50s Chevy tow truck slot car.... what's not to like.

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