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No more Chevys


No more Chevys, honest. The Chevy van is done and will be on the products page very soon. I think the van is a very good addition to the range. As far as potential liveries and colour schemes go that is up to you, but it will definitely be interesting to see what people come up with.
These non racing slot vehicles are proving interesting. The rusty pick up we put up for sale last week has sold and proved a popular idea. I do not particularly like doing finished models, but these rusty models are fun to do so I have done a scruffy Jag XK120 racer which is also up for sale (more pictures available on our facebook page). So email if you are at all interested in that.

And for those of you on facebook we do have a website ( where you can buy this stuff so don't hold back, go mad with paypal, please.

While I think of it we have made a resin seat for the Chevys, the vac one was a bit naff. I have also made a lady driver for them.

So now it is on with the Ford Pop standard and hot rod versions. Not sure what will be coming after that but I should have them done in a week or two.

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