New Kits and Track Update


So what have we decided to do with our wooden/ MDF track project? Well first we realise what ever we do will not please everyone, but we hope we can please most. To this end we have three routes to go down. 
First, a system which follows the scalex idea (I know some want Ninco, and some want Carrera but Scalex is the home brand in the UK). This will be made in 9mm MDF with a 6mm slot, with 77mm between slots. It will have standard straights, chicanes, crossovers, radius 1,2,3 and 4 curves with borders to suit. The idea of this one is to have a wooden, braided track that can fit easily in your home and can be made up to 4-8 lanes without complicating things too much. 

Second, a 3 lane system made in 12mm MDF with a slot depth of 9mm to accomodate deep guides, slots are 90mm apart. Straight sections are 500mm long and 1000mm long and a standard curve with an outer curve. This is aimed more at clubs or serious home racers with lots of room. This system can also be made into a 6 lane track.

Third, a total bespoke system made to your specifications, you design it and we give you a quote. We will make the basic track and you do the rest. We hope that will cover most bases.

We are working on prices and let you know the situation on that soon. Our plan is to build up a track on an 8x4 board and get that running so we iron out any kinks we can find before going forward with it all. 

In other news, we have three new kits up on the car page. First a new Edwardian car, the 1908 Vauxhall special, and 2 frogeye sprites. The first of which is an update roadster and the next is a new hardtop version. Both have a lovely little 3D printed chassis.

On the accessories page we have some new drivers heads that come with seperate helmets. These look more realistic and are easier to paint. 
We have also put up the Edwardian 3D printed wheels so that they can now be bought seperately.

A new G. Turner Special is now available, a painted Embiricos Bentley, which I think looks very pretty 

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