Maserati 151 coming along nicely


The Maserati 151 prototype is finished and ready to go in the mould, so once the artwork is finished and sent to the printer we will be ready to go. The Gerry Marshall Firenza is already moulded and just has to have its artwork printed as well. The Sunbeam is nearly there as well, the 1961 Le Mans car and the Monte Carlo car are ready to mould, so I have been very busy lately. Hopefully about a month and they will all be able to go on the website. 

On the other hand busy is something we are not right now. For some reason it has never been quieter. I appreciate you're probably all paying off your staycations or saving up to buy gas. But we have become accustomed to this eating lark (and drinking beer ehem). I just hope you are saving up all your money to buy lots of our model for Christmas, but I suggest you start buying now to avoid all the shortages and last minute rushes ;)
Pretty please?

For those of you in the UK I will not be doing any swapmeets this year, Covid is one reason as I have to be very careful, and I am getting too old to get up at 4 in the morning load up the car for 2 and a half hours in the dark, work a very hard day and drive home again in the dark. It takes me at least a couple of days to recover. Plus I doubt I will be invited back to the Gaydon event after the virtual show last year which upset them. 
10 years ago I used to do model boat shows as well and I could do a show every other week and it didn't worry me. Now it knackers me. On the bright side it gives me more time to make models. The Lotus 19 is next. 

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