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We have had a few ups and downs this year health wise, both physical and mental but hopefully we are back on track. I have had to ease off a bit but I love making model cars so it is hardly work the true sense of the word. And at the ripe old age of 70 I have no intention of retiring.

This year has seen some changes with more us of 3D printing for chassis, wheels and wheel inserts. These have made great improvements and allowed us to include even more in our models. Our chassis have become more accurate with the 3D printed parts but 3D printed bodyshells are still a ways off. Everyone I have seen needs a lot of work after it is printed. So a good resin body shell made from a pretty good handmade prototype is still damn good. 

So what about 2024, well the first new model will be the Maserati Tipo 65. We are also thinking of bringing back the Ford Galaxie with a few improvements and a new 3D designed chassis. The Mk. 7 Jag is also being reworked, so who would be interested in these two? Another couple of 1.24 cars are underway, the Austin A35 and the MGC Sebring, maybe a little Alfa is already being carved. The le Mans winning Lagonda is blocked out and yes I must finish the Ford Bronco. Plus some more Edwardian cars? Joe says I'm not allowed until I make something else. 

So we wish all our customers and friends a very happy Christmas, Holiday season and New Year. We hope you have a wonderful and relaxing time (Xmas donations to our beer and turkey fund are now open ;) )

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