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It is getting near to that time of year again


It is getting new to that time of year again, yes it is time to take a look at our range of kits and see what is selling and what is not. Also which moulds are wearing out and which decals are running out. As we release new cars we steadily run out of room for places to keep em in our limited premises, so we look at what has sold and what has not and it is surprising how many models over the last 6 months have only sold none or only one. With so many models in the range we need to really prioritise what we make stock of. So the following models will be dropped or phased out. You will still be able to purchase them for a time however once they are gone they will be gone and we will not be making up stock for them. Some of them even I am surprised, but we must be brutal to make way for the new. 

Here they are:

MGBGT Sebring
Morgan road car
AC Cobra
Corvette Gransport
Light weight E-type
Cunningham E-type
D-type Jaguars (No. 12,14 and 15)
Bizzarini 1965 
XK120 Coupe
XK120 Coupe with spats
Lister Jaguar Le Mans
Alfa T33 Daytona (Inline and sidewinder chassis variants)
Jaguar Mk I (All three versions)
Ford Galaxie (Dan Gurney)
Lotus Cortina
Auto Union C-type (No. 1, 5 and 10)
Ferrari 801 (All four)
Chevrolet Tanker (x2)
Mercedes W196 (x3)
Mercedes W154

There it is. Quite a list but if no one is buying them we must make space for new stuff. Out with the old and in with the new. As I said they will still be available for a while yet, but we will not be making stock of them, but once they are gone that is it.

On a more positive note our Ferrari C2 and group 44 Jaguar XJS will be back next wee, plus the transit Mk.2 is finished and nearly ready to go into production. The Mobil tanker is in the mould and it is a bloody big mould at that. Hopefully it will work. Should make for one impressive model. 


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