Impending shortage of GTM car kits... BUY HERE!


Impending shortage of GTM car kits. We suggest you panic buy IMMEDIATELY! Yes due to a worldwide shortage of mouldy stuff and an excess of bullshit things are bad, we will obviously have to ration you all the a maximum of 10 kits per order (and a minimum of 9 to make sure you have enough to last haha). But keep strong we will get through this and things should return to normality soon. 

For our overseas friends you probably have no idea what I am going on about but basically things are going up shit creek. Hooray for Brexit, Not!

The good news is we are getting on well with prototypes. The Lotus 19 is coming along nicely, it will have a full interior and an anglewinder set up like the Lotus 23. So we now have quite a few prototypes finished including the Maserati 151 Le Mans, 2 Sunbeam Alpines, the open Alpine racer, the Firenza and hopefully soon the Lotus 19. We just have to wait for a few bits before we can get them in production and start selling them. But we still have plentyof other kits to keep you busy until then.
So lots of rubber moulds to make, after that the Ford F100 Pickup is looking interesting.  

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