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I have actually been getting on with the Aston


I have actually been getting on with the Aston Martin DBR1 and with any luck it should be finished next week (heard that before) and in the mould. We have also made a Ford Falcon Ranchero, this is something a bit different but looks really good. In Australia I think this would be called a Ute and in the USA a pick up, and in the UK a posh pick up. I have also repainted the Holden Efigy for our photos, it is now a nice metallic red, making it look superb. The green just niggled at me too much. Take a look on the car page to see the difference. 

I will be getting on with the Jeep next but I have already started blocking out some new models. Not saying what they are yet but they are in keeping of my theme of doing stuff that is a little bit different. 

This time of year is our quiet time as the whole of Europe seems to go on holiday until September. Come to think of it the whole bloody world goes on holiday. For me holidays are overrated, two weeks frying in the sun and eating food you don't like and drinking strange beer (Note from Joe: What kind of holidays have you been going on?). Home is a lot better it is where your slot cars are. So please think of us before you fly off. Spend some of your holiday money on one of our models. It will keep us in food and drink until things pick up. And you will have something to look forward to when you get home 

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