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I don't like August


I don't like August. It seems everyone in the whole world is on holiday. The English go to spain or Turkey because it is hot. Ther Germans go anywhere but Germany (German friend told me that), Italians shuffle around Italy a bit because it is sort of nice there. The whole of France goes to the south  and most Americans can't leave the US because they don't have passports. If I lived in the US I would just go to Disney or the likes. When Joe was 7 we went to Disney  World Florida. I was determined not to like it. Disney pah, beneath me. Half way round the first ride I am shreeking like a 5 year old. This is bloody brilliant and I loved every moment. Now I've done the holiday malarky in the past and it is not all it is cracked up to be (Note from Joe: Miserably git). A lot of it is walking about looking at stuff you don't give a fuck about. So you go for a drink and wit watching other people walking about looking at stuff they don't give a shit about. Speaking of shit,  by the second day you will be on your 6th Imodium as you had to have some of that local street food that Gordon bloody Ramsey said you must try. Then try to find a public loo with a toilet roll.

Then we think it perfectly acceptable to put all your bloody holiday pics on facebook (Note from Joe: I think he's jealous). Here we are in Estanicoselpoos having a drink and eating some disgusting local delicacy you would not feed to your dog. Just because it is local it doesn't mean it is good. It is the shit they give the stupid Brits. Look here is us having a drink at the top of mount pigyhorn. Fall off it and take a selfy as you plummet downwards to a gruesome and painful end (Note from Joe: Definitely Jealous). Now that is funny. I drink all year round, if I put a picture up on facebook every time I had a drink you would soon get bored. Just because you are in another country for a few days, it doesn't make it in any way interesting. You can fly half way around the world and then shuffle round looking at temple churches, waterfalls and elephants. Lay on a beach for a bit then in the mini bus and off to another bloody temple. Been there, seen it, done it and taken the photos but I had the decency not to show people. No on is interested in your holiday photos, facebook is no different.

So what is the answer? Well I suggest you stay at home and buy on of our lovely resin slot car kits. Much more satisfying than frollicking on an over priced holiday, which since the pound plummeteed costs you evern more. Our lovely trailer is available and will be on the trucks page if you are looking for it. It is a simple kit. Main chassis two axles blocks and a long axle. It uses Pendle or Penelope Pitlane 13'' wheels and it will carry most of the cars in the range. It looks superb behind our tow truck or pick up. It is a bit of a pig to mould though, but that is our problem so don't worry about it. 
The Holden is moulded, just got the vac window to finish so should be finished next week. Then what?

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