I am knackered


I am knackered from pulling milling machines and lathes apart. It is not exactly my idea of fun, but at least now while they are in kit form we can move them to our new workshop and resin shed. With any luck we should be out and finished with the old workshop in the next few days. It will be good to be settled and working on new models again, I am getting withdrawals. I need to make stuff, I need to get a couple of prototypes finished. And yes it is called a prototype not a fucking master.

I've made prototypes since 1972 for every toy firm under the sun and I have never made a master. He is a villian in Doctor Who, a bloody kids program. It is a prototype. There is not a lot of master in a lot of prototypes I see and there is nothing clever about it, it is a job. Master my arse, don't be so bloody pretentious. It is a prototypes and I've made hundreds.

Anyway the next master I intend to get finished should be the Holden Efigy. The Sebring MGCGT is finished and should be on the car page in the next week or so. As will the Wanglia S and the firetruck. They are taking a bit longer than usual due to the move. 

Thanks for your patience and normal service should be resuming fairly soon.

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