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I always think I know best


I always think I know best, Joe says don't rerelease deleted models, they are in the not in production bit because they don't sell anymore. But noooo, I though I like that Mclaren M8A I will put it back in the range, make a new CAD designed chassis, new full interior and driver, quite a bit of work into a good updated model. So how many have we sold? None, that's right not one. The moral of this is A: listen to Joe, and B when a model is deleted it is for a good reason. It has sold all it is going to so in the future all not in production models will stay that way. Oh wait I have already remoulded the Coombes Mk.I Jag and ordered decals. Will I ever learn? Well yes in future no more rereleases. The modified King Cobra and Le Mans Chap 2D will go back in the draw. But maybe the modified lightweight E-Type? Joe is scowling at me so I do not think so.

Anyway the Lotus 19 is almost there, just waiting for the decals. It's all new so hopefully more popular than the M8A!

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