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05/11/2016 is over and hooray...

Not one trick or treater in our road, now this not really surprising  as our road, as mentioned  before, is somewhat interesting. It is quite a long road where our end is very nice nice, only one murder here but the other end can get quite bad. We call it little Badhdad. It has had the odd one or two murders and stabbings but nothing too serious. The other night a couple of drug gangs did have a bit of a fracas and two were stabbed. Next morning I drive that way, police everywhere, road taped off and a mobile police office van parked up nearby. So that night I was meeting a couple of mates for a drink and I had to walk through this rater dodgy part of town. Police still there and the van which was to reassure residents. I had a nice drink and thoroughly refreshed I started to walk home and yes I returned home via the dodgy part of town. Hmm something is on fire, yes you guessed it, the mobile police office van had been torched, fortunately no one in it but you've got to chuckle. Don't think the locals were too happy. But you have to look on the bright side, the scary kids and their scary parents were too scared to enter the scary zone. Oh yeah we also had a car crash on our corner, police cars, ambulance, two fire engines all over the place. Road blocked off and cars on their sides. Fortunately no one was badly hurt  just cuts and bruises. Not bad though for a 30 limit. When I tried to come home though I thought, oh f**k not another punch up. Never a dull moment. At least the the nice, friendly ladies with the short skirts have moved to a quieter area. I bet I don't get many carolers at Christmas. 

Suppose I should do a bit on cars, well the first Lister is finished and on the GT section. The Cunningham version is also nearly finished. I am also bringing back a couple of old models, ther Morgan +4 is returning as a more scale model.The BBM 61T number plate is only on my model as that was the number on my real one many years ago. I am looking at bringing back the Austin Twin Cam, the Jaguar XJS TWR and a Cheetah plus a couple of others. Please let me know what you think.

Must get on with the Alfa T33.Just had a look out of the window and bloody hell not a blue flashing light to be seen. But then it is still only early. Oh I almost forgot one of our conservative councillors has suggested  our road should have a night time curfew. What a prick, but then we don't see so many tory councillors around this way since the nice ladies went.

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